Keeping your head up during the pandemic

As the days go by and we lose track of time sometimes I feel like I am too in my own head. Some days are really good and some days feel like the longest day ever. Here are some things you can do to keep your head up during the pandemic:

1) Exercise or yoga. Even just walking for 20-30 minutes can take the stress off your shoulders and clear your mind.

2) Download the app Headspace. This is an app I use on days where I feel extremely overwhelmed. There's tons of cool features you can set it to help relax your mind and body.

3) My wellness playlist: Spotify. This is kind of like headspace but has music with tones and instrumentals that relax the mind and soul.

4) Drawing / coloring. There's something satisfying about creating images yourself with colors. Whether you want to scribble out all your feelings or color within the lines invest in coloring book!

5) Writing. I have a journal where I write down every single thing I am feeling. After letting it all out I feel 100x better. You can invest in journal or simply start a google doc!

6) Limit type of media you consume. While we have 24/7 access to any type of media whether it be Twitter, Instagram, the news etc. too much of it can be mentally suffocating. Take a break. Delete the app if you have to.

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