#MustHaveMondays PRODUCTS YOU NEED in your makeup collection

Welcome to another week of #MustHaveMondays. I moved this over to the Beauty Blog because I figured this would be an awesome edition to the website! Here are this weeks #MustHaveMondays. You can also find and purchase all of these products under the page #MustHaveProducts.

Facial Steamer

This facial steamer was recommended by our Beauty Ambassador Shayan on #SelfCareSunday This is incorporated in her weekly self-care routine. The steam opens up your pores which allow for nutrients in your face wash or face mask to reach deep within your skin and nourish it! Making your skin feel smooth and looking A M A Z I N G.


This ring light was only $40. It has three light settings: Warm, LED & Natural. For each setting you can control the brightness or dimness of the light. This also has a tripod where you can hold your camera and includes a bluetooth button to start your take photos or start your videos with no hassle! This also has an adjustable tripod so you can make it as high as you want or as low.

Makeup Kit

Not only is this makeup kit SO pretty and pink but it has three layers and enough space to store all your makeup you travel with. This kit includes a lock and key and a mirror inside! My video on How to start your client kit features this kit and how I use it for clients!


Ladies, let's be real. I know how to fight (LOL) but sometimes we just need a little UMF in our protection. So protect yourself and get a taser! I got this mini stun-gun and it was so helpful for when I got off work late and had to walk to my car. Not only is this a 880-mini stun-gun but this has a blinding LED light to either get through a dark street or flash a predator!

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