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Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Welcome to Bila's Beauty Beats. I am so proud to announce this website as my official site where I will be offering my passion for makeup through my makeup masterclasses, blog and makeup services all in one place!

It all started way back in 2009 when I first found my love for makeup in my mom's purse. Since then, I've had my ups and downs with starting my makeup career. I've gone from starting my first YouTube channel using my iPod to creating an Instagram full of videos and the evolution of my makeup skills to taking clients and challenging myself to do special effects makeup.

For years my peers have been asking where I learned, who taught me, do I do all my makeup looks myself and can you teach me? Yes. I can teach you! Back then, I was not aware of how I'd ever be able to start up my passion seriously. I was so on and off with my YouTube and distracted with other things but with everything I've been through, today is the day.

I want to thank all my friends and my sister who encouraged me to pursue this and start this website for myself. I can share my knowledge, skills and passion all through one platform, Bila's Beauty Beats. Explore the site! Discover beauty tips and tricks and discussions, access my in-depth one on one sessions to master the art of makeup, book me to glam you up and listen to controversial beauty topics all on Bila's Beauty Beats!

Don't forget to become a member to be easily access classes and stay up-to-date with the beauty beats!


Nabila Pranto

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