Take control of your schedule

Life can get out of hand. It can be even worse when you don't have a solid routine to follow. Without a routine, I start to lose track of what deadlines are approaching or who's birthday is coming up. Here is how I keep stay up to date with my busy life.

1) Plan out your week.

Choose a day you have time to sit down and plan your week and if your schedule allows choose a rest day. Mine is usually Sunday's. Plan out the next 6 days from breakfast to dinner. Although it may sound silly, there are days where we are so busy we forget to eat.

Pick times you want to work on a task for example:

8am - Wake up, breakfast

8:30am - Yoga, Shower

9:30am - Work on presentation

10:30am - Break from presentation, Snack

11:00am - Work on blog for

12:00pm - Lunch

1:00pm - Nap

2:00 - 8:00 - Work life

10:00pm - Shower

11:30pm - Bed

2) Use a calendar.

I write down all deadlines and events coming up and use Google calendar to plot the days.