Take control of your schedule

Life can get out of hand. It can be even worse when you don't have a solid routine to follow. Without a routine, I start to lose track of what deadlines are approaching or who's birthday is coming up. Here is how I keep stay up to date with my busy life.

1) Plan out your week.

Choose a day you have time to sit down and plan your week and if your schedule allows choose a rest day. Mine is usually Sunday's. Plan out the next 6 days from breakfast to dinner. Although it may sound silly, there are days where we are so busy we forget to eat.

Pick times you want to work on a task for example:

8am - Wake up, breakfast

8:30am - Yoga, Shower

9:30am - Work on presentation

10:30am - Break from presentation, Snack

11:00am - Work on blog for

12:00pm - Lunch

1:00pm - Nap

2:00 - 8:00 - Work life

10:00pm - Shower

11:30pm - Bed

2) Use a calendar.

I write down all deadlines and events coming up and use Google calendar to plot the days.

Pro tip: Use different colors for each task. I like to use red for assignment deadlines, pink for birthdays, purple for upcoming events etc.

You can incorporate your task times into your calendar as well!

3) Know what you're spending.

Look through your bank account and list all subscriptions and monthly payments and plot them by amount on due dates. While I am still learning about personal finance, this has helped me stay on top of avoiding a late payment or overspending on random things.

4) Follow through with your schedule for 21 days straight.

It takes 21 days to build a habit. That's 3 weeks of consistency.

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