These Must Have Monday products will change your daily routine

Beauty Ambassador Thy here starting your week off with #MustHaveMondays. These are the products you've been missing from your collection and will absolutely change aspects of your daily routine!

Mira Water Bottle

I need to always carry water, or I lowkey panic, which is why a Mira bottle is a necessity! I love the Mira brand, because it is durable for everyday use, especially for college students. Mira offers different types of bottles and sizes, but my favorite is the Alpine Bottles. It comes with two different tops, and it also keeps water cold for 12 hours. The 25 oz is currently on sale for $11, so it is super affordable!

Glossier Balm Dotcom & Cloud Paint

These are my go-to makeup products when I need to do a quick, natural look.

The Balm Dotcom comes in different flavors/tints, but my favorite is Mango. It smells so good, moisturizes your lips, and gives a slight tint.

The Cloud Paint in Puff is one of my favorite blushes. Not only is it pigmented, but it is so easy to apply. You don’t even need a brush. It’s the perfect product for anyone on the go!

Hair Clips/Barrettes

Anyone who knows me knows that I love hair clips. I always like matching them with my makeup looks and outfits. On Amazon, you can get 120 of them in assorted colors for only $8!

Cooluli Skincare Fridge

I am obsessed with my skincare fridge! While it’s $50, it’s so worth it. I have the cow print one, which is so adorable. It keeps all of my skincare and face masks cool and feels amazing when applied to my skin! I highly recommend it to those who love skincare.

Car Phone Mount

When using the GPS while driving, I used to have the mounts that you stick in your AC. However, during the winter, my phone would get hot from the heat being on. I went on a hunt for an affordable but durable phone mount for my car. The Maxboost DuraHold is only $12, and it is secure. It was extremely easy to install and has lasted me a year now!

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