Bila's Quick Beauty Beat: 5 on the go fresh skin tips

Some days we wake up late and are on the go! There isn't even time to grab breakfast. Here's 5 tips to freshen up your face before you head out the door:

1) Spritz fresh rose water on your face.

Rose water has many benefits, it's known to reduce inflammation and irritated skin. Some mornings I've woken up with puffy eyes and spraying rose water reduced the inflammation around my eyes and make me look more awake.

2) Mix your favorite primer in with your moisturizer.

This is something I've always done on days I decide not to wear any makeup. My pores seem to be larger when I wake up in the morning, mixing in my primer with my moisturizer eliminates a step in my morning routine and results in a smoother complexion.

3) Eyedrops.

Helps brighten up the sleepy eyes!

4) Curl your eyelashes

Use an eyelash curler. Apply mascara (if you have time).

5) Apply vaseline

Or your favorite lipgloss or lip tint on your lips and cheeks!

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